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Today’s Daily Market Trends (June 21st): Venture Capital Investment at All Time High, Bitcoin Stops Falling and Enters Sideways Phase

Author: Researchers: Gazer. C & Charles.F As of 12:00 on the 21st, Beijing time, the spot price of Bitcoin was $34669.3, and the price of Ethereum was $2156.14 .Bitcoin's price saw a slight increase from yesterday evening to early this morning. On the one hour time-f...




IMF Calling Out El Salvador, Will the First "Crab-Eater" Taste Any Sweetness?

On June 9th, El Salvador officially passed the Bitcoin as legal tender bill, which stipulates that goods can be priced in Bitcoin, Bitcoin can be used to pay taxes, and Bitcoin transactions will not face capital gains taxes. This is the first time that Bitcoin has become a legal tender at the nation...




Looking at the Past and Present of NFT from "CryptoPunk #7523"

Author: Researcher Hannah.H NFT is non-fungible token is known as non-fungible token, which has the characteristics of non-divisible, non-interchangeable, and unique. The corresponding concept to NTF is “Fungible Token (FT) )", that is, tokens that can be interch...




From Bitcoin to Ethereum: Why Ethereum is Blockchain 2.0

Author: Researcher: Edward. H Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ether, fits almost everything one would expect from a genius. Vitalik was born in Russia in 1994. His father, Dmitry, is a computer scientist. But when he was 5 years old, Vitalik's parents divorced, and he lat...



Today’s Daily Market Trends (June 20th): Funds Cut Down But Coin Holdings, Bitcoin Hashrate Falls Due to Mining Closures

Author: Researchers: Gazer. C As of 12:20 on the 20th, Beijing time, the spot price of Bitcoin was $35,660.36, and the price of Ethereum was $2,200.29. Continuing the decline of the previous two days, the cryptocurrency market continued to fall. Bitcoin fell from $36,5...



Today’s Daily Market Trends (June 19th): Dollar Index Continues to Strengthen as Bitcoin Price Continues to Fall

Author: Researchers: Gazer. C & Charles. F As of 11:00 BST, Bitcoin’s price was $35,519.63, Ether’s price was $2,212.29, and DOT’s price was $20.924. Bitcoin’s price took a small dive yesterday under the combined pressure of increased inflation expectations a...



20 June’s Daily Market Trends (June 18th): Ya’an, Sichuan Stops Bitcoin Mining, Price of Bitcoin Falls Under $38,000 Again

Author: Researchers: Gazer. C & Charles. F As of 12:15 GMT, Bitcoin’s price was $37,830.67 and Ether’s price was $2,338.79. Under the continuing influence of high inflation expectations as well as Shutdown of mining operations in Ya’an, China, crypto marke...



Today’s Daily Market Trends(June 17th): FED Hints Increasing Interest Rate, Bitcoin Price Falling

Author: Researchers: Gazer. C & Charles. F As of 15:00 GMT, Bitcoin’s price was $39354.59 and Ether’s price was $2454.61. Under the influence of high inflation expectations yesterday, Bitcoin’s price plunged, and the price dropped by $873.48 within one hour. From t...



20 June

Feature: Bitcoin as Fiat Money? Good Move By El Salvador?

Author: Researcher Gazer. C Keywords: cryptocurrency, fiat money, El Salvador, Bitcoin Preface Whether a cryptocurrency can become fiat money or even replace what is issued by the central government has always been a hot topic in the cryptocurrency world and major traditional fi...



19 June

Will Ethereum overtake Bitcoin?

Ethereum was introduced in 2015 as an improvement over Bitcoin. The project was initially proposed in 2013 by Vitalik Buterin, a 19-year-old Russian-Candian programmer. Buterin, who learned about Bitcoin from his dad, quickly understood the potential of blockchain as a technology and how to use it t...


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